Shane Eason & Sherri Eason

We’re Married!

In December of 2020 I married my first love from middle school and high school. My forever soulmate. He was my first kiss, my first love, and my first steady boyfriend. Now, he’ll be my last love. My forever. We said “I do” just before Christmas and we couldn’t be happier. No more abuse. No more negativity in my life. Just pure happiness and all the support I could ever hope for. God has truly blessed me and my little family in so many wonderful ways. We’ve known each other since 1986 when he was 13 years old and I was 12. We met in the library where I was working that summer and he came in to check out books. We found our way back to each other in 2018 and have been together ever since.  Let me introduce us to you… We are Mr. & Mrs. Shane and Sherri Eason. I moved to a little town in central Florida called “Sebring”. We’re famous for the “12 hours of Sebring” races every year in March. We run a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization called “Heartland Helping Hands Inc.” and are both active in our community where we grew up and we help other organizations in the heartland as much as possible. We’re even running our own Etsy store. It’s been an adventure for sure!

White Christmas Upgrade

White Christmas theme will be released in time for the holidays, along with several other holiday themes as well. There are no upgrade fees. This theme as well as all other theme upgrades will have to be repurchased for a new and current license due to the extensive changes to the underlying software with the new IPB 4.6 series that was just recently released. This is the only way I’ll be able to stay open for business and maintain upgrades on a regular basis so I truly appreciate your support and apologize for any inconvenience.
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