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  1. Aren't they already pretty close in looks anyway ?
  2. The special is per theme
  3. Ronald you have a premium membership and can download all of the themes, I say you got a GREAT deal
  4. It is not currently available but should be soon
  5. I have a fix for this, how good are you at changing templates (this will only affect the chatbox free version)
  6. Is that the chatbox free version ?
  7. My guess would be that they are both still in the design stages
  8. Not sure if Sherri has the pages app, but if not it is hard to code in the special coding that Sherri does without the app
  9. Loving the look of the 3 new themes you have in queue waiting to be released
  10. All themes currently available here are for IPS
  11. I was pointing out the image you posted, but no worries
  12. click on sign out which is shown in your image above
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