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Hi! I’m Sherri Eason and this is my website which I also call my masterpiece creation. I love to find new design ideas, fonts, cut projects and software theme design ideas and this is where I like to share what I find or create. Follow my blog for an exciting journey into the design life of me.

I’m a font junkie. I love fonts and over the years, I’ve collected more than 200,000 fonts in my own vault. Some premium and some free. I’m happy to share these resources with you so you can start your own collection.

I’m also a serious designaholic. Tangible or digital, I’m all about the design of things. I love to make all the things. I use Adobe CC Suite and a Cricut Maker on a daily basis, when I’m not shooting photography. Yep! I’m a photographer too. I love to capture the world through a lens and share my interpretations with the world. Get to know me even more by following my blog. Feel free to share your comments with me. I love to interact.

Desire Pro Font

Popular Fonts of 2022

Here are a few of the most popular and commonly used professional, designer fonts of 2022 and the resources where you can obtain them. Ace …

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